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Hey newgrounds, it's me again

2015-08-25 15:08:03 by lamsorz

I'm really just typing this to help my new profile page seem less empty. I previously hosted another account on this site (spark717), but I'm abandoning it for 2 reasons: 1 being that I no longer go by that username for certain reasons and the other that I forgot the password and don't really feel like changing it. For those of you who remember my old account, I uploaded music. I'll be reuploading some of my best tracks from there, a few that I haven't gotten around to releasing on this site, and a really good new one I just finished yesterday. My style is chiptune/keygen, I know some of you on here like that kinda stuff too. So if you see my stuff, give it a listen. Or just listen to some dubstep mario remix, either one's cool with me. And maybe I'll even animate again... who knows.


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